Pink and Gold 3D Bracelet Jig Bangle

  • SKU: Pink and Gold 3D Bracelet Jig Bangle


Use the extra pin set for the 3D Bracelet Jig to wind around this fun looped bracelet. Make your own clasp with Artistic Wire to join it all together!

228S-550, 3D Bracelet Jig, with 20 Pegs 22 mm (0.86 in) L x 4mm (.15 in) O.D. and Holder tubes
AWD-20S-03-06YD, Artistic Wire, 20 Gauge (.81 mm), Silver Plated, Gold Color, 6 yd (5.5 m)
AWD-24S-03-10YD, Artistic Wire, 24 Gauge (.51mm), Silver Plated, Gold Color, 10 yd (9.1 m)

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