Wire Assortments

More is better, especially when it's colored Artistic Wire! Wire Assortment Packs, ranging in quantity from two to a dozen spools and bobbins in a variety of colors, is the perfect choice when you want a variety of crafting wires in one convenient package. The Buy the Dozen packs include 12 spools of vibrantly colored wire, while the Artistic Wire 3-Packs feature three different wire colors. The Coiled Cut Length packs feature 18 pieces of varying crafting wire in 2 ft (60.96 cm) pre-cut lengths, and our Retail Spool Variety Packs contain full-length retail spools in six vibrant colors. Wire Swirl and Bead embellishment packs contains 0.5 oz. of Multiple Swirls and Beads in 24 gauge. Colors may vary per package, per lot.