Holiday Tassel Earrings

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Making tassels is so easy with the Beadalon Tassel Maker! Add a Tassel Topper, a connector, and an earwire, and repeat for a second earring.

216S-100, Tassel Maker, 7mm O.D. (0.275 in) pegs, adjustable size from 9.7cm (3.8in) to 2.5cm (0.98in)
357B-028, Necklace Cone, Flare Pattern, Length 7 mm (.276 in), Hole Size 2.7mm (.106 in), Silver Plated, 6 pc
137Z-214, Cotton Tassel Cord, approximately 0.76 mm (.030 in), Metallic Gold on Red, 21.8 yd (20 m)
308B-310, Ear Wires, Kidney, 25 mm (.984 in), Silver Plated, 20 pc

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