Contest Winner Leather and Lace Necklace

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Contest Winner

LEATHER AND LACE NECKLACE | One Necklace For Many Occasions

Materials Used For Leather And Lace:
Bead Stringing Wire - Beadalon 19 Strand, Black (2) (JW15B-0)
Beadalon Greek Leather, Black (1) (JLEGK1.5BLK-05M)
Artistic Wire Black Color 28 Gauge (1) (AW1-28-02-1/4#)
Beadalon Solid Ring Set (Distributed from Beadalon for JTV) (1) (JSKIT0188)
Swarovski Crystal Hematite (244) and Clear (43) Beads (JW15B-0)
Crimp Covers Corrugated Hematite (23)
Crimp Beads (16-20)
End Caps (4)
Beadalon Beadfix Adhesive (1) (JA-BEADFIX)

Tools Or Equipment Used For Leather And Lace:
Knotty-Do-It-All Full Size (JTV) (1) (JKLW6216)
Ruler, Stainless Steel (1)
Bead Stopper, Large (2) (216A-106)
Tacky Bead Mat (1) (218H-200)(
Designer Flush Cutter (1) (202E-001)
Round Nose Pliers (1) (201E-003)
Crimp Tool Pliers (1) (JTCRIMP4)
Bent Nose Pliers (1) (201E-005)
Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Pliers (1) (JTNJ3)
Replacement Nylon Jaws (1) (JTNJ3REP)

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