Heart Clasp Necklace

  • SKU: dw_mr_heartclaspnecklace


Use a 3 Hole Spacer Bar in an unexpected way to create a two-to-one connection on a double strand necklace. Wire Wrap the two strands in the outer holes, and use the middle hole to attach the clasp.

324B-013, Extension Chain, 2 in (5.08 cm), Ball Drop, Silver Plated, 144 pc
315B-021, Lobster Clasps, Heart, Silver Plated, 5 pc
318B-032, Spacer Tubes, 3 Hole, Silver Plated, 24 pc
312B-253, Head Pins, Ball, Medium, 1.97 in (50 mm), Silver Plated, 24 pc
180B-020, German Style Wire, Round, Silver Plated, 20 gauge (.032 in, .81 mm), 6 m (19.7 ft)

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