Scrimp Findings

Simply stated, Scrimp Findings are an innovative screw finding that takes the place of a crimp. A tiny set screw inside holds Beadalon wires in place. The complete Scrimp Kit contains its own screwdriver and extra supply of Scrimp Findings with screws. Additional screws are cleverly held within the handle of the screwdriver. Scrimp Findings are a cinch to use for necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Just partially unscrew the screw in the Scrimp Finding, insert Beadalon wire into the Scrimp Finding, through a clasp, and back through the Scrimp Finding (until the desired loop size is obtained). Use a Wire Guardian where extra abrasion is likely to occur. (Magnetic Scrimp Finding does not loop back through the finding). Simply tighten the screw using the provided screwdriver and begin stringing. A secure and flexible finish!

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