Kumihimo Braiding Discs and Accessories

Create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind braided creations with Beadalon's line of Kumihimo Braiding Disks and Accessories. Use the Artistic Wire Knitter/Kumihimo Weights with the Knitter Tools to keep an even tension on your project. Hook the weights loop onto your wire or thread as you start your project, and it will give just enough pull to keep your design consistent. Use both weights together if more pressure is needed. Kumihimo bobbins are used to wrap your stringing materials around before using the Kumihimo disc. Each bobbin helps keep your strands tangle free by adding weight and size. Bobbins can also be used to store stringing material. Get to braiding straight away with the Beadalon Kumihimo Braiding Kit! And use the Kumihimo Braiding Discs with Beadalon wire to make beautiful braided necklaces and bracelets. Use multiple metallic colors to create richly patterned braids or use all strands the same color to create subtler patterns. You can also use the Kumihimo Braiding Discs with leather, hemp, or satin cord for chunky braids or use it with silk, nylon or embroidery floss for thinner braids. Add beads while braiding to create stunning designs. Helpful instructions included with each disk.

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