Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing

Keep your designs sparking clean with Beadalon's selection of jewelry cleaning supplies. The Beadalon Polishing Cloth is a perfect balance between a soft cloth and a less aggressive polishing compound penetrated into the cloth. Use the Polishing Cloth to remove light scratches and restore shine to most jewelry. Best used after cleaning with the Beadalon Jewelry Cleaning Spray. Use care when polishing plated findings and jewelry, since too much rubbing can remove the plating. Beadalon Spray Jewelry Cleaner is a revolution in jewelry cleaning. This phosphate-free cleaner is an advanced botanical formula that is gentle for everyday use. The botanical formulation is based on Citrus, Mint, and Aloe - this formulation uniquely lowers the Gibbs free energy of oxide formation and restores luster and brilliance of precious metals as well as plated surfaces. The cleaner acts as a shower for jewelry, rather than a bath, allowing it to eliminate harsh and strong chemicals, acids, and abrasives.

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