Knotting Tools

Beadalon's selection of knot tying tools will help you create the perfect knots in each and every one of your projects. The Beadalon Knotter Tool creates tight, consistent and professional-looking knotted strands without a hefty investment, and allows you to string and restring quickly with excellent results. The Designer Beading Awl is ideal for hand knotting and opening small beads for covering crimps, while the Beadalon Knot-a-Bead allows you to tie knots naturally with two hands, all the while positioning the knots against the beads for professional-looking jewelry. To easily create Shamballa-Style and Wrap Bracelets with Beadalon Beading Wire, leather cord, wax cord or other stringing material, the Beadalon Tying Station comes in handy. Shop Beadalon's collection of knotting tools and discover an easier method to the pesky yet necessary art of knot-tying.

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