Needle for Elastic Stretch Cord, Stainless Steel, 10.75 in (27.31 cm), Diameter appx. 0.787 mm (.03 in), 1 pc

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Use the Elastic Cord Needle to plan out your beaded design, catch 0.50 mm or 0.80 mm Elasticity with the threader hook, then easily transfer your beads on to the Elasticity. The looped bottom of the Needle will hold your beads in place as you are stringing them. Use a square Bead Bumper on the other end to hold beads in place on the needle before transferring. Can be used with other stringing materials as well like B-Lon Cord, Supplemax, WildFire, and some Ribbon. Fits beads with holes 1 mm (0.40 in) or larger. One needle per pack, 10.75 in (27.3 cm).