Did you know nearly all Beadalon and Artistic Wire products are sold in both Retail and Bulk packages?  


Retail packages are designed to merchandise, or hang, on pegboard and slatwall displays, and include the products featured in our standard POG’s. Retail packages have detailed consumer labeling and are sold in inner pack quantities that fit a 6 inch (15.24 cm) display peg. Simply open the inner pack, load the products on the peg, and there is no backstock. Bulk packages work well for the more traditional bead stores that prefer to sell loose items out of bins, or repack into smaller bags for resale. Regardless how your bead store or beading aisle may be set up, Beadalon has what you need.


Retail Packaging Advantages

• Strong Beadalon & Artistic Wire brand recognition and advertising campaigns to drive sales.

• Compatible products create additional sales opportunities for you and helps create a self-shop stringing department.

• UPC labeling improves your inventory control and merchandising.

• Trilingual labeling:  English, French, and Spanish. French labeling meets Quebec standard.

• QR codes, scannable with smartphones, provide additional product information.

Beadalon retail packs have detailed consumer labeling and feature QR codes.


Traditional Bulk Packaging

• Lower pricing on a part-per-piece basis.

• Easy replenishment of open merchandising bins, commonly used in bead stores.
• Ideal for finished jewelry manufacturers.


Need help deciding which Beadalon products to sell in your store?

We can help! We have many profitable Plan-O-Gram (POG) solutions. Contact our Sales Department (1-866-4BEADALON or to receive a copy of our POG brochure containing many standard POG’s featuring our top selling products designed to increase your sales and profits. You can purchase any of these product groupings as is, or modify them as you like.

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