Add a decorative flair to designs made on Beadalon wire with EZ-Crimps. Fashioned from sterling silver, these easy-to-use clasps provide a professional, secure finish and crimp directly onto Beadalon 49, 19, or 7 Strand wire (up to .024" diameter). Use these romantic-looking clasps in bright and antique sterling silver finishes to accent your designs. 

• Step-by-Step Instructions •
1. Place a single strand, or a combination of Beadalon wires (up to .024" diameter), all the way inside the EZ-Crimp hole.
2. Place the smooth portion of the E-Z Crimp into the semi-circle (outer jaw) of the Mighty Crimper Tool.
3. Squeeze until the coiled wires of the EZ-Crimp begin to close down around the stringing wire.
4. Make additional compressions, as in the previous step, to compress coiled wires through the entire length of the EZ-Crimp finding. Easy, secure, professional.


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