When it's time to tally and organize beads, Bead Counters are the way to go! Made from durable acrylic, Beadalon Bead Counters are a cinch to use and are great for beaders on the go. No more wasted energy on counting large amounts of beads - save precious designing time with handy Beadalon Bead Counters. Available in four styles to accommodate a wide range of bead sizes: 2-3mm, 4-5mm, 6-7mm, and 8-10mm. 

Tip: For smaller bead quantities, simply cover holes with tape! 

• Step-by-Step Instructions •
1. Pour correct size beads onto the Bead Counter; hold the Bead Counter over an open box or container to catch fallen beads.
2. Carefully shake the Bead Counter so the beads slide into all of the holes (allowing excess beads to roll off).
3. Every hole of the Bead Counter should be filled with a bead. Now there's a fast, accurate way to count large amounts of beads!


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