The Beadalon Difference...We Make It.

Beadalon is the only company in the industry that actually makes its own wire, strand, and cable for jewelry making and crafts. Other brands simply label or respool wire purchased from third party factories. Beadalon bead stringing wire is composed of tiny wires twisted together and nylon coated. The number of tiny wires, also known as strands, determines the flexibility of the wire. The larger the number of strands, the more flexible the wire will be. Therefore, 49 strand is more flexible than 19 strand, and 19 strand is more flexible than 7 strand. When choosing which type of wire to use, consider the amount of drape you want your design to have. 49 strand wire is very supple and will drape elegantly, giving your designs a thread-like appearance. 7 strand wire is not as flexible, but will hold its shape better. If you are new to bead stringing or unsure how much flexibility you require, we recommend starting with our middle grade, 19 strand wire.

.925 Sterling Silver

Silver Plated

24 K Gold Plated

Metallic Gold Plated

Metallic Silver Color

Metallic Copper Color

Metallic Champagne


Metallic Silver Gold

Satin Silver

Satin Gold

Satin Copper 

Antique Satin Brass

Clear Colors Blue
Clear Colors Green

Clear Colors Pink

Clear Colors Purple 

Clear Colors Red 






Spool Label

Choosing Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire

  • Use the largest diameter wire possible that will pass through the smallest bead hole in your design.

  • Increase bead spacing. Spread contact with the wire over a greater area to reduce the effects of abrasion.

  • Choose the type of wire with the flexibility that will allow your design to look, feel, and drape the way you want.

  • Use Wire Guardians to minimize the effects of abrasion at the clasp area.

  • Use Scrimp Findings and EZ-Crimp Findings for maximum connection and strength.

  • Use Bead Bumpers in between crystals and glass beads to cushion and protect from contact and wear.

Choosing Corresponding Beadalon Findings Choosing Beadalon Findings Chart

Choosing Corresponding Beadalon Crimp Tools

Crimping Instruction Chart

Standard Jewelry Lengths 

Standard Bracelet Length 16-17cm (6.5"-7")

Standard Anklet Length 22-25cm (9"-10")

Standard Necklace Lengths

 Necklace Lengths

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